Norwood Fire Department Emergency Medical Service

                                                                                                  Norwood Fire Department

                                                                                                  Emergency Medical Service


            The City of Norwood residents have enjoyed EMS services since the 1950’s and 1960’s. Norwood Firefighters received training in basic first aid taught by the American Red Cross. A Cadillac Ambulance staffed by a Firefighter and a Police Officer provided transportation to an area hospital. Many lives were saved by the rapid response and transport times.


             Then in 1974 eleven firefighters were selected to attend Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic (EMT-P) training. The training was conducted at Cincinnati General Hospital (now known as University Hospital). The trained Paramedics were taught how to better treat and transport patient’s who were suffering from a life threatening trauma or illness, including heart attacks. Using protocols set up by General Hospital Physicians, Paramedics monitored a patient’s heart rhythm and administered life saving drugs and procedures. They also had the ability to talk with a Physician via a radio box. This same telemetry box allowed them to transmit an EKG tracing of the patients   heart rhythm to the Physician. Essentially the Paramedic became the eyes and hands of the Physician. 


            The City Administration, Fire Administration and the   Norwood Firefighters Union Local 445 realize the importance of keeping and maintaining a solid EMS program. All Norwood Firefighters are required to maintain their certification as EMT-B’s. Today the NFD has a total of thirty two certified Paramedics which is more than at any other time in it’s history. 

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