Open Burning Guidelines


    Norwood Fire Department 

   4725 Montgomery Rd 

                                        Norwood OH 45212




While recreational fires are permitted within the City or Norwood. we at the Norwood Fire Department hope that our residents can use this Information as a guideline to have a safe and successful open burn. If you have any additional questions, contact the Norwood Fire Department at the number listed above, or reference section 307 of the Ohio Fire Code.


General Rules (OFC 307.5): Outdoor fires are permitted if you are cooking or grilling for non-commercial use, along with recreational fires. All fires are to be conducted, controlled, and extinguished by an adult. A water source, such as a residential water hose, or other approved on-site extinguishing equipment shall be available for immediate utilization.


Safe Distance (OFC 307.4): Outdoor fires are required to be a MINIMUM of 25 feet away from any structure or combustible material. When using an approved container to conduct a fire, the minimum distance may be lowered to 15 feet.


Approved Firewood (ORC 3745-19): Only clean, dry, and seasoned firewood is approved for open burning. Residents are NOT allowed to burn brush, sticks, trimmings, treated lumber, trash, plastic, rubber, or any other type of demolition debris or yard waste.


Fire Pits and Fire Size (OFC 307.4): All outdoor fires are to be performed in approved containers designed specifically for recreational burning. The fire may not exceed a size of 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall at any time.


Extinguishment (OFC 307.3): Should the fire be deemed an undue nuisance to a neighboring residence or business, the fire is to be extinguished immediately, or as deemed by a fire official of the Norwood