Norwood Bureau of Fire Safety

Norwood Fire Department

                                   Bureau of Fire Safety (BFS)


                                                                          4725 Montgomery Road,

                                                                                   Norwood, Ohio                                              


The Norwood Fire Department Bureau of Fire Safety is responsible for conducting fire and life safety inspections. The BFS is staffed by two full time State of Ohio certified Fire Inspectors and one full time clerk.  The BFS conducts inspections in all business, educational, and residential dwellings as required by law.       

          Dwellings that house potentially hazardous processes and/or inventory are required by law to have a permit inspection. The permit inspections are required annually.  Norwood businesses can benefit from these inspections in the way of lower insurance premiums. 

          Residential rental dwellings are also inspected to identify and mitigate potentially hazardous conditions. These dwellings are required to have fully functional smoke alarms and in most cases fire extinguishers with current service tags. Owner/ occupied dwellings can also be inspected when requested by the homeowner and recommendations made as needed.

          The fire companies assist the BFS by conducting non-permit inspections and sending referrals to the BFS about any violations found. In some cases the fire companies will require immediate mitigation of a violation that poses an imminent concern. The BFS inspectors and/or the fire company members, can also request representatives from the Norwood Health Department and/or the Norwood Building Department when the situation found warrants their attention.

          The BFS also has the responsibility of conducting fire cause and origin investigations when requested by a fire officer. Both full time inspectors have been trained through the State of Ohio Fire Marshals Office as Fire Investigators.


                 For any information, questions or concerns please feel free to contact the                                                                                               BFS at 513-458-4558. 

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