Board of Health Permit Applications

Food Donation

Operating a restaurant, grocery store or other institution that has surplus food? Please consider reading the Food Donation Information (PDF) brochure to see how you can donate your surplus food to help those in need, including seniors and children.

Food Plan Review Application

Needed if conducting new construction and new food establishment in an existing building, remodeling of existing licensed food facility (New Finishes, New Equipment, Changes to Food Prep Area), and reopening a closed food establishment. View or download the Food Plan Review Application (PDF).

Mobile Food Unit Plan Review Packet

A mobile food license is required for a food service operation or a retail food establishment that is operated from a movable vehicle or portable structure that is able change location. Fill out and return the Mobile Food Unit Plan Review Packet (PDF) to apply for a mobile food license.

Temporary Food License Application

A temporary food license is required for any individual that wishes to prepare and/or serve food for a cost or required donation at an event for no more than 5 consecutive days. You are limited to 10 temporary food service licenses per person, per licensing period (March 1st through the Last Day of February). In order to receive a temporary food license, fill out and return the Temporary Food License Application (PDF).

Norwood Handicapped Parking Sign Program

If you would like to fill out an application for handicapped street parking sign, please read and fill out the Handicapped Street Parking Sign Application (PDF)

Norwood Recycling

Want to learn more about how to recycle in Norwood? Read this Recycling Information (PDF). Not only can you obtain a recycling bin for free, but you can also help preserve our environment and increase the amount of funding received by the city so that we can get things like new bleachers in our parks, among other things.

Body Art Application 

The body art rules were created to establish minimum standards, applicable throughout Ohio, for the operation and maintenance of body art facilities in order to protect the public from injury, minimize the potential for disease transmission, and provide a safe and healthy environment.  Application (PDF)

Body Art Plan (PDF)

Application for Permit to Harbor Chickens Within the City of Norwood

If you would like to fill out an application to harbor chickens, please read and fill out the Chicken Permit (PDF)

Application for Retail Tobacco License 

If you would like to fill out an application  for a Tobacco Retail License, please read and fill out Tobacco Retail License (PDF)

Tobacco Retail License FAQ (PDF)

Tobacco Retail License Discontinuation Form (PDF)